Sephora VIB Rouge Preview

Ok, so let me preface this with I spend way too much money at sephora. Because of this, I have attained rouge status for better or for worse. Just yesterday I was able to preview some of the new fall releases from a few prestige brands. Now I didn’t get everything they had, but I did grab two items: the first being a new rainforest of the sea palette from Tarte and a new hangover setting spray from Too Faced. 

If I’m being honest, the only thing I went for was the new tarte palette. I absolutely adore tarte palettes. They are some of my favorites for their formulas, lack of fallout, and colors. This one did not disappoint. 

Another thing that I really like is the packaging. All of their packaging is cute and fun, but not too girly. Here are the colors in the palette. 

Just beautiful at first glance. I am beyond excited to try this one out 😜. 

The setting spray from Too Faced is an offshoot of the hangover primer that I also own. I picked this up because of the success that I had with the cream primer. 

The packaging is very much like the other primer so it fits right in. The nozzle is a nice clean spray, not too many droplets at all. 

Well, those are the two items I grabbed. I will update you on the progress and how they work out for me. Have a fantastic week my lovelies!

Xoxo Misa

Lip glosses in my purse 

It’s been a bit slow at work do I decided that I should use the time to post something since it’s been FOREVER since I have. Sorry ☺️. I currently carry four different ones, which now that I’m typing that it seems a bit of an overkill. Ha. Oh well. 

First one up if NYX butter gloss in fortune cookie. It’s one of my favorite nudes. And the cheapest of the bunch. 😄

Second is Mac patent polish lip pencil in pleasure’s all mine. It’s a beautiful slightly pink balm that hydrates your lips while applying a color as well. 

Third and fourth are both Bareminerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Big Tease and Maven. This brand of lipglosses are my absolute favorite. They have a tingly feeling and aren’t really sticky. I own it in quite a few colors. These are the deluxe sample size but I prefer it to the full size. Easier to throw in your purse and go. See swatches below. 

Well that is all for now. Have a fabulous day my lovelies! 

Xoxo Misa

Birchbox: Sept 2016

I checked my mailbox to find my Birchbox  sitting there! I thought I would do a quick review and go through. 

I happen to love the box for this month. Colorful and gorgeous. This month is all about multitasking products. The products that I received are actually pretty nice. 

1. R+Co Cleansing foam conditioner

If I’m being honest, I’m not sure if I know how to use this. Read the back, just like any other conditioner. We will see if it works well. Moving on. 

2. Derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub

This is a sea salt scrub. I’m fairly sensitive to products so this might have to be a pass. 

3. Bioderma Sebium H2O

This is a cleansing water that is specifically designed for acne prone skin. I have high hopes for this.

4. Milk Makeup Highlighter

It’s a subtly highlight, not too bright which means it will work for most skin tones. I’ve heard great things. I will try this out. 

5. Elizabeth Mott It’s so big volumizing mascara

I’m always down to try a new mascara since they don’t stay good for very long and I’m constantly trying the find the best one out there. 

So there is the break down. Pretty good box this month. Nothing I can really complain about. Except that the bioderma sample is a one time use. Wish it was an actual bottle. That all for now my loves

Xoxo Misa

A hot minute!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. Not to mention my last post was essentially whining. Ugh. I’m hoping to have some reviews out soon seeing as I acquired some new beautiful palettes and pieces of new launches. I’ve been venturing into the liquid lipsticks more and more. I started out with NYX lingerie lipsticks, but I find them incredibly drying. I know, it’s a liquid lipstick, of course it’s drying. I just really didn’t end up loving it. 

What I did end up loving was the NYX liquid suede. I have three of the colors, but my favorite was the hardest one to find. Of course. It’s called soft-spoken. It’s a beautiful mauvie nude. I do plan on getting a few more so I can try some more of them. I always love NYX because of the price and quality. So I highly recommend it. Seriously. Go get it. Now. 

Ok babes, that’s it for now. I hopefully will post some new stuff next week. Fingers crossed. 

Xoxo, Misa 

A Jackass in Sheeps Clothing

Hello fellow Humans!

Today I’ve come to you to talk about something that just happened. I, like everyone out there, participate in online dating. About 3 weeks ago I met quite a nice guy who we shall call Greg. Greg was tall, cute, and found me attractive. As a bigger girl, this doesn’t happen all the time. Actually, very rarely does it happen. We talked for about a day and made a date to meet up a couple of days later. I did bring my roommate in case he was a serial killer or yet, boring, so I could feel secure or have an excuse. The ‘hang out’ seemed to go very well and after about 2 hours I feigned being tired so we could head for home. I did like him and was hoping for another date, but I was not ready when he kissed me outside the bar. My roommate had gone to fetch the car to leave us alone.

Ok, so here Is the context. I am a virgin. Not as virgin as you can get but pretty damn close. I have only ever kissed a guy. And I mean kissed a guy, not made out, just a 3 second kiss. I can’t say that this is because I am saving myself for marriage or anything religious, I’ve simply never really gotten around to losing my virginity. There were times that I think it might have happened, but I’ve valued myself too much to simply cast it aside like a worn out tank top. At 26, you don’t find many like yourself. Or I guess, any at all. Ok, background done. Back to the story.

He kissed me three times, differing lengths, nothing more than 3-4 seconds. You know what the worst part was? It wasn’t that I don’t think I was ready or that he didn’t ask if he could kiss me, it was that when he did, I felt nothing. Is that normal? I don’t think so. I didn’t feel an overwhelming want to see him again, but because of my inexperience I did want to see where it was going. If anything, maybe I would get to figure out what making out felt like. I was hoping that even though I didn’t feel anything right off the bat, it would come after getting to know him better. Unfortunately, the whole point of this piece is that I won’t.

While we had kept in touch since the initial connection, we had not met up again. Our schedules simply didn’t allow it. He was working, I was sick, and then he was out of town for a couple of days. Last night I texted him to let him know that I was free Tuesday and wondered if he wanted to see each other. This afternoon I received a text that read

“I’ve been thinking. I like you and would love to continue seeing you, but I think we may be on different levels sexually. I want to be with someone and be able to be physical with them from the start, and it sounds like you just aren’t there yet. It’s totals ok if that’s the case. I want both of us to find someone that we are comfortable with. J”

I was a bit taken a back when I received this. He had given no indication that my lack of experience was a deal breaker. We had talked about it and he seemed to be willing to work with me. I think that was the worst part. That he pretended to be something he wasn’t and that was patient. I would like to think that the man for me would be willing to take things slow and decide that my comfort was above his need for sex.

In the end, I don’t think we were soul mates or a true love match. He drank a bit too much for my liking and smoked pot a bit more than I think is normal. If he wasn’t ok with my background he should have been right up front about it. My virgin status has scared more than one potential away. Even though it seems to hinder more than help, I’m not in a rush to lose one of my longest friends. Just because I wasn’t willing to jump into bed with him from the get go, I was to be brushed off. But you know what? I would prefer to be brushed off then lose it to him. He obviously doesn’t deserve anything from me.

So, the moral of the story? I’m not completely sure…maybe that people have a habit of saying things that they don’t necessarily believe. For the record, never did I say that I didn’t want to be physical with him. He assumed I wouldn’t want to. And apparently he made an ass of him and myself. Thanks for listening lovelies, it’s been a hard day. May tomorrow be beautiful and much better than today.

Xoxo Misa

Too Faced part 2

Hey guys! I promised I would be back with the rest of my too faced Christmas collection so here it is! 

I know the born this way foundation isn’t new, but this particular shade is.  

My coloring is so fair that I had to wait for them to release the extension of colors before finding my match! Talk about it taking forever! It is called snow and it’s the lightest shade they have. I tried it out on my hand and I think it still might be a little too yellow but we will see.  

I bought this little set last year as well and was tickled that they were offering it again this year. The colors are below.  

I will insert a swatch of the colors below. They are very lovely and smell pretty great.  

You have from the top nude beach, taffy, and wham. It’s a great combination of colors. Last but not least is the melted French kisses set.  

Instead of swatching, I will include a photo of the back of the packaging.  

Again, beautiful combo of colors. Seeing as a full sized is $21, 25 for the package is a pretty good price. The three lipsticks were $29 which again, great value. The foundation was $39 so fairly pricey. I’m hoping it works amazingly. 

That’s all for now. Laters!

Xoxo. Misa 

Too Faced review: Christmas collection!!

I ordered a couple of other pieces of the Christmas collection but they have yet to arrive so I will simply be reviewing Le Grand Chateau.  

It is the most appealing little house as the outside packaging!! The front has a magnet which keeps the two panels closed. They open to reveal the three palettes and a deluxe sample of better than sex mascara.  

The palettes themselves have to and from places on the back so you could gift those separately which is highly convenient. The product is what you would expect from too faced so it is just great. The shadows are highly pigmented and the blushes and bronzer are universal colors.  

The one on the left is the turquoise, center one is the light pink, and the right one is the black one. The set is $49 dollars which isn’t really horrible seeing as you get quite a lot in this package. I highly recommend. I will be back when I get my other package!! 

Xoxo Misa 


A myriad of subjects…ok, just one really 

ahoy there!! Ok, so I’m not on a boat. I am currently spending three weeks in Ohio visiting family. As much as I was uber excited, I am also hit with the realization that there is a reason my mother moved away for college and never went back. I don’t think I need to talk about overbearing mothers and grandmothers. Everyone has their own story. I was here for about 5 weeks last November taking care of my grandmother when she got out of the hospital. She has COPD and emphysema. She smoked for 50 years so as much as I love her, I also know that she did bring it on herself. I do have to say that the best thing about a trip out here is seeing my family and realizing how amazing my parents are. It makes me very thankful for what I have and what my parents gave me. 

So, the moral of the story would have to be that as much as family annoys you, pisses you off, and enrages you, they are still going to right there at the end of the day. Love them for what they are and not what you want them to be. 

My grandmother has had a long and eventful life and has views on things that as much as they might be wrong, will not be changing anytime soon. I must embrace her and accept that our lives have been completely different. 

Ok, venting done. Thanks for reading. More soon
Xoxo. Misa 

My giveaway haul!


Ok, so first off thanks so much for hosting the giveaway darkcharmz! When you do one, you do it up right! When the package arrived it was way heavier than anticipated! You can see why in the picture! I received so many goodies!! From coupons to lipgloss and from sour candies to shower lotion. If I were to rattle off everything that I got it would take forever so I will let the picture do the talking. Again, thank you to darkcharmz!! You made my week. 

Later lovelies!

Xoxo misa 

Good evening my lovelies! 

It’s been way too long people! I have been so wrapped up in my new job and being trained. I have posted an ipsy video here I haven’t done much in the way of posts or videos but I will try to do more coming up this week. The summer usually means things wind down, but it’s kinda the opposite. Eckkk!!! I will have a few hauls coming up because my sister is coming into town and we will be shopping. Like seriously. Well that’s it for now. Hopefully I will be back soon. 

Xoxo misa