Sephora VIB Rouge Preview

Ok, so let me preface this with I spend way too much money at sephora. Because of this, I have attained rouge status for better or for worse. Just yesterday I was able to preview some of the new fall releases from a few prestige brands. Now I didn’t get everything they had, but I did grab two items: the first being a new rainforest of the sea palette from Tarte and a new hangover setting spray from Too Faced. 

If I’m being honest, the only thing I went for was the new tarte palette. I absolutely adore tarte palettes. They are some of my favorites for their formulas, lack of fallout, and colors. This one did not disappoint. 

Another thing that I really like is the packaging. All of their packaging is cute and fun, but not too girly. Here are the colors in the palette. 

Just beautiful at first glance. I am beyond excited to try this one out šŸ˜œ. 

The setting spray from Too Faced is an offshoot of the hangover primer that I also own. I picked this up because of the success that I had with the cream primer. 

The packaging is very much like the other primer so it fits right in. The nozzle is a nice clean spray, not too many droplets at all. 

Well, those are the two items I grabbed. I will update you on the progress and how they work out for me. Have a fantastic week my lovelies!

Xoxo Misa