A hot minute!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. Not to mention my last post was essentially whining. Ugh. I’m hoping to have some reviews out soon seeing as I acquired some new beautiful palettes and pieces of new launches. I’ve been venturing into the liquid lipsticks more and more. I started out with NYX lingerie lipsticks, but I find them incredibly drying. I know, it’s a liquid lipstick, of course it’s drying. I just really didn’t end up loving it. 

What I did end up loving was the NYX liquid suede. I have three of the colors, but my favorite was the hardest one to find. Of course. It’s called soft-spoken. It’s a beautiful mauvie nude. I do plan on getting a few more so I can try some more of them. I always love NYX because of the price and quality. So I highly recommend it. Seriously. Go get it. Now. 

Ok babes, that’s it for now. I hopefully will post some new stuff next week. Fingers crossed. 

Xoxo, Misa 

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