Too Faced part 2

Hey guys! I promised I would be back with the rest of my too faced Christmas collection so here it is! 

I know the born this way foundation isn’t new, but this particular shade is.  

My coloring is so fair that I had to wait for them to release the extension of colors before finding my match! Talk about it taking forever! It is called snow and it’s the lightest shade they have. I tried it out on my hand and I think it still might be a little too yellow but we will see.  

I bought this little set last year as well and was tickled that they were offering it again this year. The colors are below.  

I will insert a swatch of the colors below. They are very lovely and smell pretty great.  

You have from the top nude beach, taffy, and wham. It’s a great combination of colors. Last but not least is the melted French kisses set.  

Instead of swatching, I will include a photo of the back of the packaging.  

Again, beautiful combo of colors. Seeing as a full sized is $21, 25 for the package is a pretty good price. The three lipsticks were $29 which again, great value. The foundation was $39 so fairly pricey. I’m hoping it works amazingly. 

That’s all for now. Laters!

Xoxo. Misa 

Too Faced review: Christmas collection!!

I ordered a couple of other pieces of the Christmas collection but they have yet to arrive so I will simply be reviewing Le Grand Chateau.  

It is the most appealing little house as the outside packaging!! The front has a magnet which keeps the two panels closed. They open to reveal the three palettes and a deluxe sample of better than sex mascara.  

The palettes themselves have to and from places on the back so you could gift those separately which is highly convenient. The product is what you would expect from too faced so it is just great. The shadows are highly pigmented and the blushes and bronzer are universal colors.  

The one on the left is the turquoise, center one is the light pink, and the right one is the black one. The set is $49 dollars which isn’t really horrible seeing as you get quite a lot in this package. I highly recommend. I will be back when I get my other package!! 

Xoxo Misa